Friday, February 2, 2018

Slide of the month - Voskhod

 February 2018

Time to design: 3 hours
Time to print: 4 hours (your times may vary)
Finishing: 3 hour

Original design: Bill Macfarlane

Try it yourself : Voskhod slide

The Voskhod space capsule was a larger modified version of the Vostok capsule large enough for two cosmonauts. Voskhod 1 was designed as an unmanned mission and Voskhod 2, a manned flight, included a inflatable airlock for the first space walk by Alexey Leonov
The mission almost ended tragically as Alexey space suit ballooned to a point he could not reenter the airlock. Luckily he was able to reach a valve to release some of the air out of his suit so he could get back through the airlock.

Based on the Vostok design by nemilya I was able to modify the model to include the airlock and backup retro engine in Tinkercad. To my knowledge this is the only model of the Voskhod ready for printing on a 3D printer. It was printed on the same SeeMeCNC Orion printer I did the Vostok on because I could not seem to get a good print on the Ultimaker 2. The green is spray paint and the top and bottom is silver craft paint. The inflatable airlock is painted with a white paint pen