Saturday, September 15, 2018

Slide of the Month Extra - SpaceShipOne

September  2018

Time to print: 4 hours

Finishing: 2 hours

Thingiverse July 13, 2011

Design: 7777773

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On December 17, 2003, the 100th anniversary of the Wight Brothers first manned flight, SpaceShipOne became the first private craft to achieve supersonic flight. September 29, 2004, Mike Melvill  piloted the craft into a sub orbital space flight. The second flight into space, for the X PRIZE requirements, was on October 4, 2004, the 47th anniversary of the Sputnik 1 launch,  by Brian Binnie.

I had the pleasure of seeing this craft right next to the Spirit of St Louis and the Bell X1 at the Smithsonian and it was amazing!

This was a challenging project to print because printing off the Ultimaker 2 made the wings to thin to use but the Orion print was more usable with the help of UV glue and some sandpaper. I spray painted with white primer and the black and red are done with paint pens. The stars, as well as the other lettering, were done on water slide paper. The tricky part was overlaying the stars on top of each other to give it the right look. I finished it off with a coat hanger loop and a couple of coats of poly

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Slide of the month - Bucking Burro

September 2018

Time to make: 5 hours

Boys Life "Slide of the Month"

Original design: Lew Weston

It's funny when my son first saw this slide, he instantly thought it was Pedro from Boy's Life and looking at it now I can see the resemblance. Perhaps it's time to send off a letter to Pedro, lets see;

Dear alfalfa milkshake drinker,

Any chance this slide of the month was based on you?

Carved from a very hard piece of maple and caused me a lot of time resharpening my knife.  I painted the body of the burro with hobby paint and the details with paint pens. I sealed the slide with a couple of coats of poly and glued a wooden loop to the back. The main and tail are made from 325 black paracord with the center cords removed. I then super glued to drilled holes and frayed the cord with a pin.