Sunday, July 21, 2019

Slide of the Month Extra - School Spirit

June/July 2019

Time to make: None (This is a no brainer)

Original Design: Bill Macfarlane(ish)

So a funny thing happened when I went to post this month's extra slide, I realized last month's never got published so this is a two for one month and it involves school spirit in the form of mascots.

My son recently graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology which is an excellent University; majors like Engineering, Computer Science, Digital Media and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf to name a few. (Hey who knew Packaging Science was a degree one could earn.) They also have a D1 hockey team with amazing fans (Yes, I'm looking at you Corner Crew). You see their mascot's image RITchie all over campus. But pay no mind to the "new" (smiling) mascot (whose unofficial's nickname is Tony duh tiger)  as no one likes him and we are convinced the stole the dots out of RIT.

My daughter goes to Champlain College which, while smaller, gives my daughter the chance to excel and follow her own path. Currently, a double major (and maybe a minor too?) with a specialization to boot. That's a lot of work but I'm so proud of her for making it her own. From International Business to Game Design there is a lot going on there. Also of note, the college's sports teams remain undefeated at home (inside joke).  The college's mascot is Chauncey T. Beaver. (Hey Woodbadge beavers, you can get him here.)

Ok, these slides couldn't have been easier to make. Both of these were key chains and I simply removed the key chain part. Each has a velcro sweater on that has some give to it so the neckerchief passes between the sweater and the mascot. Easy peasy

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Slide of the Month - Comic Neckerchief Slide

July 2019

Time to make: .5 hours

Finishing: at .25 hour

Boy's Life - May 1999

Design: Jeff Piasky

Need a slide in a hurry? Got some comics and glue? Well you can quickly make slide by taking a strip from the comic pages spreading some glue and rolling it into a tube.

 To make this slide I wanted to use some of the most iconic comics from my childhood - Bazooka bubble gum's Bazooka Joe. (Must resist breaking into camp song.) But as had as I tried to find some of that jaw busting little rectangles of hard bubble gum, I could not seem to find it anywhere around me. Enter a Google search only to find Bazooka discontinued the comics back in November of 2012. (Dumb marketing move in my opinion.) So another Google search let me find an Bazooka Joe strip from the past that I printed with a color printer. I cut a strip longer than the comic and used rubber cement to glue the tube together.

And just for giggles here is what the strip says...

  Bazooka Joe:   I ordered Apple waiter. This looks like Peach!
  Waiter:   What does it taste like?
  Bazooka Joe:  I'm not sure.
  Waiter:   Then what difference does it make?