Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Peyote Beading

Late June 2010

Time to carve: 0 hours
Beading: 4 hours
Finishing: 0 hour

Looking ahead to the next few patterns, I saw the Peyote Beading slide and wonderedwhat design to make. Also on my mind was the Wood Badge class I will be taking in the fall. Hmmm...just maybe I could combine the two....
I set out with graph paper and colored pencils in had to sketch out the MacLaren Tartan. After a couple of tries I had the pattern and when out to get some beads. The colors turned out to be a bit tricky since I was really limited to the beads on hand at the store. As a result I have two different dark green beads that are close enough to work. Next I built a beading loom and, while it is not what was called for in the original article, it is the method I know. Moving forward I found my eyes are not what they use to be and I had to break out my "cheaters" while stringing the beads. I completed the base of the work in one evening (see second pic)and sewed the ends together the next morning forming the slide. I really like this one and who knows maybe I make some "unofficial" shoulder loops using the same pattern.


  1. That's great! I never thought of doing that. Do you have directions? My son gets Boys Life, but we don't have a slide of the month. :-( He's been a Boy Scout for 16 months now -- I think he's still getting the Cub version. I would love to share you WB pattern if you're willing.

  2. Unfortunately, Boys Life doesn't have a regular "Slide of the Month" column anymore but there are links here on the blog for lots of slides. As far as the WB pattern goes, I'll try to get the pattern up and write some directions.

  3. OK, new page up with instructions.