Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hungry Bass

Early August 2010

Time to carve: 4 hours
Finishing: 2.5 hours

What an unusual slide! I started this slide a couple of times because I just could not get the opening in the mouth quite right. Each time I had to adjust the fish pattern to be larger than I was expecting. The hard part was getting the hole large enough to accept the neckerchief and deep enough to cut out the gills so it would meet the hole in the mouth. Once this was accomplished shaping
the rest of the fish was really easy. I really hated to go much father since the maple fish body looked so good but I still had to add the fins on the back and bottom of the fish. The original pattern called for leather so I found some stiff leather and cut the fins out. I notched the wood and glued the fins in place using some super glue. Painting according to the directions and finishing it with a couple of coats of Poly.

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