Wednesday, June 13, 2018

From old to new - Survival kit updated


Time to make: 2 hours

Original design: Bill Macfarlane

So I was thinking, what would I like in a survival kit that could fit inside a neckerchief slide like the one from William Poese. Well I would want a good length of paracord but where to put it? I had seen some pouches done by Stormdrane and decided to make my own survival pouch without the tin.

I started with a whistle buckle for emergency signaling. Next I tied a double wide Dragon Tongue  paracord bracelet. This became the sides of the pouch. The front and the back of the slide used the bracelet for anchor point in a simple basket weave. The loop is also made out of paracord.

  The contents include band-aids, a 2x2 gauze pad, antiseptic ointment, roller gauze, matches, striker, hot spark, cotton,  button compass, folding knife (the key), water purification tablets, fishing line, hooks, foam, flashlight, a needle and safety pins. The paracord, with reflective ribbon, is also a survival tool and can be used in many ways. For example, the strands of paracord can be used to/as;

lash together a shelter
make fishing line or a fishing net
make a snare for small animals
the string in a bow drill to make fire
a string for bow and arrows
make a tourniquet for extreme blood loss
mark your path
create a early warning system along with a can and some stones
thread for sewing repairs
dental floss
replacement shoe laces

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