Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Slide of the month - Wood Canteen

April 2019

Time to carve: 2 hours

Finishing:  1.5 hour

Boy's Life - August 1975

Design: Wayne Mason

I do apologize that I don't have great pictures of this slide so here is one with and without a flash.

Coming off making the wooden bucket slide, I knew I wanted to use Oak so the grain would make the canteen look weathered. Lots of v-cuts in this slide! The spout is made from an un-crimped pop rivet and some UV glue (to keep the chain in place). The chain is from a cheep jewelry necklace and it is anchored on the other side with a wire loop. Two additional loops are in place for the leather strap.  The wire bands (not shown) are beading wire. The wood is stained with dark walnut and the metal pieces are painted with a black paint pen. The only metal not painted black was the chain since it was an antique brass already. U.S was also painted on the canteen with the black paint pen. Poly seals the canteen. The shoulder strap is made from a scrap golf glove of really thin leather.

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