Thursday, August 1, 2019

Slide of the Month - Puzzler's Cube

August 2019

Time to carve: 1 hour

Finishing: .5 hour

Boy's Life -October 1981, page 51

Design: Tell and Don Gubler

When I first became an Assistant Scoutmaster in Central Bridge NY, the Rubiks cube was all the rage.  I always marveled on how many Scouts could solve the puzzle in a couple of minutes when it took me hours to do. Fun fact, you can frustrate one of these whiz kids by exchanging a couple colors labels before handing them a mixed up cube to solve.

Made from a square piece of maple with a 3/4 in hole drilled through the middle. The lines are v-cuts which have been sanded smooth. The sides and lines are painted using paint pens.

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