Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Side of the Month - Baden Powell hat

January 2019

Time to carve: 1 hour

Finishing: .5 hour

Boy's Life -July 1992, page 71

Design: James C. Hansen Sr.

I've always been fascinated with the Scouting Campaign hat but alas, I've never owned one. It seemed to me, as a Scout, that most of the old Scouters had both one of these and a red wool jacket. These guys seemed to know every Scout skill and had some of the best Scouting stories around the campfire. Come to think about, a lot of folks in authority wear a similar style hat (i.e. Conservation Officers, State Policemen, drill Sargent's just to name a few)

Carved from Basswood, I love to say this is perfectly round but it's not. The brim has a taper and the indentations in the hat were carved in a v pattern cut.  The hat cord is some nylon string and the ends are made from a dowel with a very small hole drilled through them. The cord is held in place using superglue.  It's painted with craft paints and finished with a couple of coats of poly.

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