Thursday, February 20, 2020

Slide of the Month Extra - First Philmont shakedown hike

February 2020

Time to make: 4 hours

Finishing: 2 hour

Original design: Bill Macfarlane

It occurs to me that I now have more Philmont neckerchief slides than I have weeks to go before I leave. (And, I have more designs I'm working on.) So with that in mind, I going to try to publish a couple a week if I can remember to do it. Without further ado..

Ah...there's nothing like a shakedown to make you realize what your missing and make you question your choices on the things you brought. You learn how to pack through mistakes your have made and different ideas that other are doing you want to adopt for the next shakedown hike. Here we see a hapless sole who has packed a coffee pot, a racket ball racket, a Dutch oven, and yes the kitchen sink. It even looks like he is going to lose his sleeping bag as it is only held on by a single strap. I can't imagine what the total weight of the pack would be!

What a fun little concept slide! All parts of the slide, with the exception of the racket, were carved from southern yellow pine. I carved this slide in different pieces and,  after attaching handles or the faucet and painting, attached them to the pack with wood glue. The racket, also glued to the pack, was a cell phone tool (used to open the sim card tray) with a piece of wire insulation for the handle and some gauze for the webbing.  Painted with hobby paints and finished off with a couple of coats of poly.

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