Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Slide of the Month (Just for Fun) - Impostor Among Us

    October 2020

    Time to make: 2 hours

    Finishing: 1 hour

    Original design: Bill Macfarlane

Wait did Orange just come out of the vent?!!!!!  
A online version of Werewolf,  the crew members of a spaceship are pitted against an impostor set on killing the crew.  But who is who?  Only the crew can decide by voting who goes out the airlock. Oh, and while your at it, there are tasks you need to complete too. Among Us is just a lot of fun and runs on mobile or Steam. (I also think InnerSloth is a great name for a group of game developers.)

Oh boy this was fun to make! I had a couple of pieces of pine left over from another project and originally started carving the green crew member and that when very quickly. Hmmm...could I make the Impostor? So after I found a version I thought I could carve, I set about carving the basic shape of it.  Next, I formed the tongue and teeth using some plastic model sprue and heat. I painted the Impostor  and with hobby paints (like I did with the crew member) before painting the tongue and teeth using some paint pens. When everything was dry, I glued the parts in place. Now I had two slides I thought until I put them next to each other then HOLY COW this looks better. I connected the two figures using a small piece of coat hanger, a couple of holes, and some more super glue. Luckily for me, the tongue was a little long so I could cut off a bit and glue it to the head of the green crew member. A couple coats of poly finish it off.

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