Monday, July 19, 2021

Slide of the Month Extra-Philmont Urraca (Magpie)


July 2022

Time to make: 3 hours

Finishing: 1 hour

Original design:  Philmont / Bill Macfarlane


Urraca is Spanish for Magpie and the Urraca Mesa is full of these members of the crow family. Ah but the legends say the Magpies can open the portal to the underworld. There are many stories of people seeing many odd thing from blue orbs to a lost Boy Scout. 

Carved from maple, I like how this slide developed with the bird, the branch and the mountains. This is painted with hobby paints, labeled with waterslide paper and finished off with a couple coats of poly.

Hmmmm, these legends and ghost stories give me an idea for more Philmont slides...

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