Saturday, September 4, 2021

Slide of the Month Extra - Philmont Rayado Ridge

  September  2021

  Time to make:         3 hours

  Finishing: 1 hour

  Original design:       Philmont /                Bill Macfarlane


I'm told the sun rise and sun set in Philmont are amazing and this view in Rayado Ridge has to be in the top 10! Rayado Ridge is a great leadership training camp where you can find these courses National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE), Philmont Leadership Challenge (PLC)Wood Badge and many other courses.

Carved from maple, it was a really simple slide to carve as it is just an incline way from the land mass (in black) to give the illusion of distance. Next came the painting and, using hobby paints, I started by painting the yellow of the sun as a large circle. Using orange paint, I painted the outside area, furthest from the center, and then with a fairly dry brush dabbed the orange paint in the yellow area. When the paint was dry, I when back with yellow paint and put a drop in the center to make the sun. Lastly, using black paint, I paint the land mass giving the feeling of the sun setting. Nice! The lettering was done with a couple different kinds of water slide paper. The "Rayado Ridge" was done with clear waster slide paper and the "Leadership Camp" was done on white water slide paper printing the red lettering on a black background. A couple coats of poly finish it off.  I really love how this slide turned out!

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