Friday, October 1, 2021

Slide of the Month - Eggs 'n Bacon

October 2021

Time to make:  48 hours

Finishing: 0
Boy's Life: December 1982, page 77

Original design: Kenneth Koob

MMMMMMmmmmmm....Breakfast in camp on a brisk October day! I can just taste the bacon just thinking about it

I was thinking about how to make this slide and came up with a new fangled solution for creating the slide. I started with a large button and spray painted it with metallic blue paint. That gave it the look of an old blue enamel camping plate. To make the food I used "puffy" paint which is normally used on fabrics. It is some interesting stuff that comes in squeeze bottles with some fine tips to draw with. Once you "paint" your design, you add heat from a steam iron and the paint expands "puffing up". 
Using a scrape piece of polished tile as a base, I started with the background of each - white of the eggs, darker brown of the toast in a square shape, and red of the bacon. I think you could also use parchment or wax paper for the base also.) Once it was dry, about 24 hours, I applied the other color on top of the died material - yellow egg yoke, tan of the toast, and tan of the bacon fat and let those dry for another 24 hours.  Next I super glued a coat hanger loop to the back of the button. Next I super glued the eggs over the holes on the button.  The square toast was cut dig and then super glued them the button. Lastly, I supper glued the bacon to the button.  

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