Friday, April 1, 2022

Slide of the Month Extra - Philmont, I want to believe


     April 1, 2022
    Time to make: 3 hours

     Finishing: 1 hour

     Original design:
     Bill Macfarlane

 Lock Ness Monster (or Champy if you are on this side of the pond), Bigfoot, UFOs and Philmont crews 2018 - 716X and 2020 - 713V ... wait do/did these things exist? Well, I WANT TO BELIEVE in Philmont crew 711C for 2022.

OK, so you won't find this one anywhere but on my blog (unless someone copied my design) but in my weird sense of humor, it is completely logical. I really hope there won't be something else that keeps our continent from attending Philmont Scout Ranch. (A plague of locusts aren't common in New Mexico right?)

Carved from southern (pallet) pine the arrow head was a quick carve. Now the designs for the waterslide paper took a bit time and experimentation. As in most of slides, this was painted with hobby paints and finished off with a couple coats of poly. 

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