Saturday, December 17, 2022

Slide of the Month Extra - Matchbox/Hotwheels

December 2022

Time to make:  1/2 hours

Finishing: 0 hours

Original design: Bill Macfarlane

When I was very young, Matchbox diecast cars and trucks were a mainstay with cars racing around and construction vehicles building roads in the sand box. A few years latter, it was a upstart company Hot Wheels cars racing down orange flexible tracks. A great number of years later, a collection of fire, rescue, and ambulance vehicles from many different companies in my collection. (OK, I have a few space ones too...)

The other day I happened to see this mini-sub and thought it might make for an interesting slide. I simply drilled a couple of holes into the back and crazy glued a wire loop into the holes. Quick, easy, and a good looking slide!

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