Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Slide of the Month -Windmill


March 2023

Time to make: 2.5 hours

Finishing: 1 hour
Boy's Life August 1976, page 44
Original design:  Wayne Mason

March when the wind blows so hard and cold when you are a kid sick of being inside and just trying to get a kite in the air. Yet windmills harness the wind so effortlessly not caring if it was cold or hot.  But I'm not here to tilt with giants so on with the slide...

I use a few different kinds of wood for this slide. The structure was done using a wooden dowel described by Home Depot as "Raw Wood" and there didn't seem to be any other description. The blades of the windmill were carved from maple for strength. I carved two sets of blades and joined them in the  center. I painted the base and blades with hobby paints before pinning the blades to the structure. A couple of coats of poly finish it off

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