Friday, August 25, 2023

Slide of the month Extra: Woody's Texas Long Horn


August 2023

Time to make: 2.5 hours

Finishing: 1 hour

Original design:  Woody's make your own

The Texas Long Horn is a popular theme in Scouting in America. Perhaps this is because of the steers at Philmont Scout Ranch or perhaps or perhaps it's that many find them an interesting subject to carve.

Carved from pine, the original kit came with an additional piece of wood to carve the horns. I decided to carve the horns from maple for additional strength. I also added some ears made from leather and super glued them along with the horns to the head. I painted it with hobby paints and gave the horns a black wash. The eyes are made from a two black plastic ball head pins. A couple of coats of poly finish the slide off.

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