Saturday, May 11, 2024

Slide of the Month: Tabasco

  May 2024
  Time to make: 3 days

  Finishing: 0 hours

  Original design:  Bill Macfarlane

I was traveling for work many years ago and I ordered an omelet for breakfast one morning in the hotel dining area. When I asked for hot sauce to put on my eggs, I was brought this small bottle of Tabasco.  I knew right away this was going to become a slide because everyone needs some seasoning for camp food.

First a disclaimer, I did indeed use the Tabasco in this bottle at that meal. The thought of keeping food even in a bottle like this for many years just didn't seem right.  Using an eye dropper I carefully cleaned out the bottle with soapy water so I didn't get the label wet. When the bottle was dry, I filled the bottle with a red hobby paint closely matching the color of Tabasco sauce using the same eye dropper. I let the paint dry completely over several days and when dry I filled any voids with more of the same paint.  When all the paint was completely dry all I had to do was to screw on the bottle cap and epoxy a loop to the back of the bottle. A very eye catching slide! 

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