Sunday, March 14, 2010

Phillipine Water Buffalo (and the herd)

Mid Feb 2010

Time to carve: 18 hours
Finishing: 6 hour

I began thinking that I really wanted to come up with something special for my 50th slide and checking the packet I am working from the “Philippine Water Buffalo” was the next in line. Hmmm...a good looking slide and made in cherry. But I don't have any cherry. I began looking around for some wood to use instead of cherry but nothing was grabbing me so I set forth look for it. I looked on line and found some but I thought I must be able to find this locally. The first place I tried was closed three years ago and the second place had odd hours that never seemed to fit in with my working hours. By chance, I happened to ask Jud (the father of an Eagle Scout in our troop) if he knew anyplace where I could buy some cherry. Jud, one of the most bighearted guys I know, offered to give me some cherry scrap he had hanging around (as well as some other good wood for carving). A quick coat of glue, some clamps, and a couple pieces of wood that were not thick enough became just right for this slide. I roughed it out on the band saw, using the drawing as a guide, and began carving. A little more than an hour later I had a really good looking slide in front of me. Again curiosity got the best of me and I tried another kind of wood (some red oak). Also, a very nice slide.
Re-reading the article I struck on another idea. It seems that these slides were brought by Philippine Scouts to the 2nd National Jamboree, in 1950 Jamboree at Valley Forge, PA , for trading. I have a Scout in my troop going to the 2010 Jamboree. It seems like a match so I set forth to make a bunch of these slides for him to take with him. A couple of weeks (or more) latter I have 12 slides for him to trade, one for him to wear, one for Josh (Jud's son), and two for me. (One of which I messed up on and didn't want to send out.)

Lots of sanding on these slides but it was worth! Normally I use a water based Poly on my slides because it drys quickly and clearly. But on these slides I wanted the slightly yellow tinge of an oil Poly to bring out the grain on theses slides.

I went to post this blog and realized this is my 51st slide...Oh well!

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