Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Diversion (Wood Spirit)

Early May 2010

Time to carve:2.5 hours

Another slight diversion but a very useful one. While in Mystic, I picked up a book on carving Wood Spirits and with a request from my wife decided to give it a try. Using the rest of the birch stick I picked up for the Axe in Block, I carved this one night while following the directions in the book. The birch was rather soft and I came close to ruining it a few times. When it was done I decided to stain it with some minwax stain. It really changes the character of the piece but also made it hard to photograph (sorry). As it turned out, my wife decided not to use it for her project and came up with a good idea instead so now I have a nice totem for scouting.

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