Friday, April 14, 2017

From Old to New: Fishing Kit

April 2017

Time to make: 1 hours
Boys Life "Slide of the Month"
Sept. 1951, page 37
Original design: E.F.S
...and now for another new part of the blog "From Old to New" were I will attempt to update older neckerchief designs from "Slide of the Month" to updated versions. First off the a film can fishing kit to my versions. I remember my dad having a few of these aluminum 35 mm film cans around the house but by the time I was taking pictures the metal film cans became plastic film cans. (see below)
The can was painted with model paint made for metal and a fly was glued to the front. The slide piece was a piece of aluminum flashing pop riveted to the can and then bent into a loop.  The inside includes fishing line, hooks, sinkers, flies, and a cork for a bobber. It all fits very nicely into the can.

Here is the plastic film can

Updated version

Time to make: 1 hours
Original design: Bill Macfarlane

When thinking about an updated version of this slide, I had a couple of options that came to mind. The first was the Altoids Smalls tin and the second was a contact lens cleaner (see below). Altoids tins of all sizes have been a favorite with hobbyists for a few years now and these make great slides.
I spray painted the outside of the tin white and, once it was dry, I pop riveted a piece of aluminum flashing loop to the back. The fly on the front was printed on white water slide decal film. The insides were also updated with day glow fishing line, a piece of foam rubber for a bobber , and a plastic lure. It also includes sinkers, hooks and flies. The same pieces also fit into the contact lens container.

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