Sunday, April 2, 2017

Slide of the month April 2017 - Fusion Knots

April 2017

Time to tie: 3 hours

Finishing: 1 hour

Designs from: Decorative Fusion Knots
Author: J.D. Lenzen

Available from: Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Nobel or your favorite book seller

No its not an April Fools day joke, these are all knots I found in JD book and had lots of fun tying each of these miniature marvels.

Using some nylon cord, I tied each of these using the instructions I found in the book. Next I  either sealed the ends, using a lighter, or left them frayed. The mounts are Formica samples and the loops are nylon webbing fastened to the samples with pop rivets. I use a clear epoxy to mount the knots to the background.

Knots from left to right

Jolly Roger Knot

Cloud Knot (I think its upside down)

Pipa Knot

Challenge Knot, Bloody Knuckle Knot, Maedate Knot

Triskelion Knot front and back

Triple Barrel Knot

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