Friday, March 1, 2019

Slide of the Month - Checkerboard slide

 March 2018

Time to carve: 1 hour

Finishing: .5 hour

Boy's Life -November 1980, page 66

Design: Not named

Interesting fact there is a difference between a checkers or draughts around the world. In America we play checkers on a 8 x 8 square board with 12 pieces per side. The Canadian checkers are played on a 12x12 board with 30 pieces per side while the Thai and Slovak draughts are on a 8x8 board but only have 8 pieces per side.

An easy slide to make (in theory) as it is a checker board pattern glued to a piece of 1/8 in plywood board with checkers made from a small dowel. The checkers are painted with craft paints and glued onto the board with super glue. A wooden loop is glued to the back. The hard part of this slide is keeping the pieces stuck to the board because the checkers popped off very easily. (I should have used wood glue!) To finish off the slide I put a lot of heavy coats of Poly on the slide to help keep the checkers in place.

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