Saturday, March 16, 2019

Slide of the Month - Dragon 2

 March 2019

Time to make: 4 hours

Finishing: 2 hours



Try it yourself

The Dragon 2 space capsule is designed and built by Space X (owned by Elon Musk). It carries a possible crew of seven and originally was planned for a vertical "propulsive landing". In July 2017, it was announced the "propulsive landing" project had been halted and the capsule would use traditional parachutes for the landings. If you follow the news, this week  (March  2nd - 8th, 2019)  mission SpX-DM1was a huge success for the Dragon 2 as it launched into space carrying "Ripley", docked with the international space station, and successfully splashed down.  If all goes as planned, the first manned mission will be in July 2019 marking the first time astronauts have gone into space in an American built spacecraft since the retirement of the Space Shuttle.

I really like the details of this model and it was a quick print on the Ultimaker 2. I used white spray primer on the slide and paint pens for the rest of the details. The lettering was done using water slide paper.

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