Monday, September 21, 2020

Slide of the Month Extra - Philmont Old Bull logo

October 2020

Time to make: 1 hours

Finishing: 2 hour

Original design:  Wagion Lodge 6 / Bill Macfarlane

The bull has long been a symbol of Philmont and this was an early representation in a 1954 patch from  the Wagion Lodge 6 (Order of the Arrow) from West Moreland and Fayette located in South-Western Pennsylvania. The Wagion Lodge celebrates 100 years as an Order of the Arrow Lodge in 2020. So if you are visiting my site from Lodge 6, I bid you welcome Brother (and or Sister) from the distant past Lodges of Nischa Nimat and Memsochet.

I carved this slide relatively quickly from maple but I have to say, I enjoy the lines of the slide and the feel of it in your hand. Painting the slide on the other hand took more time than I expected. As I'm writing this, I still wonder how many times I repainted it and how my hands were steady enough to paint line within lines. That being said, the slide is painted with hobby paints and finished off with a couple coats of poly.

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