Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Slide of the Month Extra - Kit Carson Museum

September 2020

Time to make: 2 hours

Finishing: 1 hour

Original design:  Philmont/Bill Macfarlane


Well, back on the horse counting down the days till our council's next Philmont attempt and I guess I can go back to publishing Philmont slides on a irregular schedule instead of cramming them all into a few weeks. (I still think I have more Philmont slides than there are weeks till July of 2022!)

The Kit Carson Museum at Rayado is located seven mile south of Philmont Headquarters  and is an adobe structure built by the Boy Scouts of America to recount the history and exploits of Lucien Maxwell and his friend Kit Carson.

Another slide carved from basically a piece of wood from a broken pallet recycled into a neckerchief slide. Carved from southern pine it's a relatively simple design of layers and painted with hobby paints. Inkjet printed waterslide paper was used for the labels and a paint pen was used for the fine details. A couple of coats of Poly finish it off.

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