Monday, November 1, 2021

Slide of the Month - The Shield Slide

November 2021

Time to make: 2 hours

Boys Life "Slide of the Month"

July 1997, page 54

Original design: Jeff Springer

 I found myself fascinated reading about Native American shields  and I would recommend looking at  and for some interesting information. More than an implement of war, some nations considered the shield as a part of spiritual protection also. Jeff chose a Plains Indian shield to honor.

Cut, drilled, and sanded from a piece of maple, the shield takes it's basic form. I used a amber shellac to seal the wood before continuing.  Though hard to see in the photo, the outside edge is stitched with waxed leather working thread and the ribbons (trophies?) are tied to the bottom of the shield. The design in the center was done using paint pens and a steady hand.

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