Saturday, November 6, 2021

Slide of the Month Extra - Philmont Apache Springs (Teepee)


   November 2021

   Time to make:          3 hours

   Finishing: 1 hour

   Original design:      Philmont /               Bill Macfarlane


So shortly after I designed a slide for Apache Springs I found a new patch at the Tooth of Time Traders. (Dang, jumped the gun!) 

It looks like a really simple slide but looks can be deceiving (or maybe I've just over designed it). The slide is made from maple for some extra strength particularly in the area of the poles at the top. I purposely left an area for the poles to mount to instead of leaving them free floating. The second area that is more than it seems is the opening to the teepee which was drilled then filled with wood putty to get rid of the concaveness. The lettering was done with waterslide paper and the slide was painted with hobby paints. A couple coats polly finish it off.

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