Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Slide of the Month Extra Tutorial -Leather Loops

Leather loops are used in about 3% of my slides and the kind of leather I use varies based on what I have on hand. The other factor that plays into what I use is how it is going to be used. That being said on to how I use leather in slide loops...

A simple loop

 I cut a 3 to 3.5 inch long x 1 inch wide piece leather and then I stitch the ends together. If the leather is thin, like from a golf glove, leather sample. or from a old wallet/handbag, I can simple sew the ends together. If the leather is thicker, like from belt,  dog collar or other scrap, I'll punch holes into the leather before stitching it into a loop.   

Loop Attachments:

The first kind is as a part of a leather slide. In the example below, the leather slide had ears cut into the design to form the loop.

Glued loops to slide:

Physical connection to the slide (screw, pop rivet, ...etc):
 In this case, the slide is the compass slide and the connection is a friction fit through the leather loop to a piece of plastic.

Half leather loop

A half loop sewn into the slide is another method I use.

Leather Lacing

The last kind of leather I use (so far) is leather lacing. The lacing is not only the loop but a part of the slide. For example, the pine cone slide has leather lacing threaded through the pine cone forming the loop in the back and decorative pieces in the front. I can adjust the loop in the back by simply pulling the lacing in the front  which tightens the loop in the back.


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