Saturday, February 27, 2021

Slide of the Month Extra Tutorial -Metal Loops

 Metal loops take on so many different forms depending on your needs and imagination

Metal Strip

Metal strips can be made from just about anything from aluminum flashing to and old tin can. The tools I've used to make the cut range from tin snips to a sturdy scissors. 

Pop rivet attachment


Wire is great because it has so much flexibility (pun intended? you be the judge). No really, I can shape it any way I want and can attach various ways.

Copper wire soldered

Steel wire glued

Steel wire friction fit

Stainless steel wire wrapped around wood
(hidden by thread wrap)

 Steel wire - Free form 
(the wire holds it's form while floating in slide)

Copper electrical wire - In the body of the slide

As a part of the slide

The first of these have extra length "ears" that form the slide.

Aluminum metalworking

Iron - Blacksmith style

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