Monday, March 15, 2021

Slide of the Month Extra Tutorial -Strings, cords, and shoelace Loops

 What strings, cords and shoelaces as loops? Sure why not! Using these can be simply functional or decorative depending on what suits you.

In the Bowie Knife slide, the cord loops I used are simply functional so I wasn't taking away from the knife and sheath. It was also simple to attach.

Cord loop

In the case of the Shovel and Pick side, I wanted a loop that would add something extra. In this case I used mason's line to fashion a Solomon's ladder woven loop.

String loop

When making the Fusion Knot slides I thought, why knot (sorry) use the excess cord to form loops

Paracord loops

Speaking of Paracord, in my updated survival kit slide, it would have been a crime not to incorporate a loop into the design.

...and let's not forget the age old tied and true (sorry again) the Turks head woggle. I've tied countless amounts of theses and every year a Webelo scout receives one of these during the cross over ceremony with their first troop neckerchief. So where does shoelaces come into this? Well, shoelaces (the round ones make for boots) have made for some of my most interesting designs.

Shoelace Turks Heads

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