Saturday, March 20, 2021

Slide of the Month Extra Tutorial -Everything else Loops


In the last of this tutorial series on loops comes everything else I've used to make a loop.  The reasons vary from it was part of the design to experimenting with something I had on hand.


Webbing is an interesting material to use because of it's flexibility and the weatherproof nature of the material.

Webbing attached with pop rivet


Lightweight and strong, bamboo can make some quick and easy loops for slides. (Besides, I had some leftover from making bamboo slides.)
Bamboo glued to Rocks and Mineral slide


While not my favorite, foam is an interesting material to work with. It's lightweight, easy to work with (think Cubs) and can be sewn or glued with contact cement. Maybe a possible alternative to leather but certainly doesn't have the same strength.
Foam loop glued


Pipe is another material I've experimented with and 3/4 inch clear or PVC pipe works well

Clear pipe epoxied to Circuit Board slide


Quite honestly, I don't do much with fabric when it comes to slide loops.  In the case of the slide below, it came with the mascot.
Fabric loop


Wow, I really liked doing this beaded slide which is basically a 360 design. It's a MacLaren Tartan I did for Woodbadge.

Rainbow loom loop

Something fun to try and after I saw one of my Scouts with one of these I had to try it

Rainbow loom loop

Cardboard loop

Not a material I use often because of the strength of it, but a versatile material to work. Considering all the online ordering going on right now, there is a lot of cardboard available. (Which give me another idea for a slide.) 
Cardboard Loop

Well, that's my primer on loops so far (thanks Walt Whitman for the suggestion) but I reserve the right to come up with some other far fetched ideas for loops...

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