Thursday, July 21, 2022

Side of the month extra: Philmont Tooth Ridge (dry) camp

July 2022

Time to make: 3 hours

Finishing: 2 hours

Original design: Bill Macfarlane

Day 12 and Tooth ridge camp is (hopefully) is the only dry camp we will be at. This may be the heaviest our packs will be as we have taken on food and extra water at Miners Park. Each of us will have an addition 2 to 3 liters of water strapped to us and, at 2.2 pounds per liter, with the 4 liters we will normally be carrying on the trail, that's 15 pounds!

Both of these are carved from pallet pine and and took on there basic form quite quickly. The hard part of these slide was figuring our the hydration tubes. After looking around my shop for awhile I found some gas line tubes left over from another project.  Well, shoot what am I going to do for mouth pieces? Back to searching the shop until I came upon an idea - spray can nozzle's. (I keep a few spare around incase I have a can with a blocked opening.) Cutting away the outside shell so I only had the inner part of the nozzle, I now had something I could shape into the mouth pieces for these slides. Mounting the tube on the water bottle was easy as I only had to drill a hole in the top and glue it in. The water bladder took a bit more thought. What I settled on was to both glue it on and to form the connection point using super glue gel and some baking powder . The combination of them both forms a hard quick drying bond. To finish the slides off I used hobby paints, waterslide paper for the lettering, and a couple of coats of poly.

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