Sunday, July 3, 2022

Slide of the Month Extra: Philmont (My Gear) Crew Tarp

July 2022

Time to make: 3 hours

Finishing: 1 hour

Original design: Bill Macfarlane


Three days until we leave for Philmont and the slide today is my light weight crew tarp. It is a silpoly tent I that came recommended to me by others. It was low cost because the seams were not sealed but the company gave you the sealer and great instructions on how to seal them. The poles of the tarp will be treking poles donated by a crew member while they are not using them in camp.

Carved from a piece of pallet pine, it was a bit tricky to get the angles right while giving the look of depth. The treking poles are make from tooth picks and super glued to the slide. It's painted with hobby paints and sealed with a couple coats of poly 

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