Monday, July 18, 2022

Slide of the Month Extra- Philmont Phillips Junction Commissary

  July 2022

  Time to make: 3 hours

  Finishing: 1 hour

  Original design: Philmont/Bill Macfarlane

It's Day 8 and we are starting off with a lighter pack because we need to pick up three days of food at Phillips Junction Commissary on our way to Beaubien. We might even get some fresh fruit there if we are lucky. Speaking of getting lucky, will the showers be running because well you can embrace the stink for just so long...

One of the things I love about making neckerchief slides is being able to try new method and materials! This can is made from a single piece of PVC pipe. I first put a length of pipe into a wood lathe and carved away the middle of the can just deep enough to form the top and bottom ridges of the can. I sanded the middle of the can, while still on the lathe, and used a saw blade to cut it off at the bottom. I had left about an inch and a half of pipe above the top of the can for the next part. I made the lid of the can by cutting the top part of the pipe 95 % through the width of the pipe then a second cut vertically splitting it into two sections held together only by the uncut area in the horizontal first cut. Next I applied heat to this top section and carefully pried it apart until it was somewhat flat. I did not want to make it completely flat because I wanted it to look a bit bent like it had been opened.  I need to then sand the top round to look like the top of an opened can. To fill the pipe or body of the can, I used some epoxy "plumbers" putty which was easy to use and quick curing. I painted the can with plastic model paint and lettered it with water slide paper. 

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