Sunday, March 26, 2017

Bones and horns (Bones Chris cross)

March 2017

Time to carve: .5 hours
Finishing: hour

Through out this odyssey one page of slides always eluded me, the June 1950 issue of Boy's Life was missing for years on both the wayback machine and on Goggle books. But as I was finishing the blogging last week, I decided to give it one more search and lo and behold there was the missing page. So I present to you the last Whittlin Jim slides.

While not technically a Whittlin Jim "Slide of the Month" the Bone and Horn was published in "Hobby Corner" by Ben Hunt.  So earlier I blogged about the Imbedded Arrowhead being made from a spiral cut ham bone. Well I still had a part of the bone left that still showed the cut marks of the spiral cut blade so I carved additional lines in the opposite directions. The coloring, and shine, comes from some show polish.

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