Sunday, March 19, 2017


Sometime between 2012 and 2015

Time to carve: 3.5 hours
Finishing: 2 hour

A couple of slide that took some time to procure (well at least the second one). The first slide was made from a piece of thin hobby plywood as a background, the tube from a dowel, and the bulb is made from a wooden bead. It was painted with craft paints and the tube assembly was glued to the background. The tube holders was made from some wire and glued in place through some holes in the background. A wooden loop and a couple of coats of poly finish the first one.

The second slide was made from a real thermometer zipper pull I found at a camping store. I glued it to a kitchen counter-top sample I found at a local home design center. I used model paint fine markers for the lettering and a wooden loop glued to the back.

Thermometers have local intrest here as the first made in America happen just a couple of town over
Kendal thermometer factory

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