Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ole Man of Hawaii

Sometime between 2012 and 2015

 Time to carve/make: 2 hours
Finishing: 2 hour

This one took a bit of time to procure as palm trees don't grow up north and my mother-in-law had gotten rid of her palm tree in Florida. Luckily for me, she knew where to get some dried up palm fronds and sent them up to me. (Thanks Diane!)  The first step was cleaning and letting the fronds dry thoroughly. I cut out the basic shape and mouth using coping saw. Next I gave them a few coats of golden shellac and built up a good thick layer. Using a black permanent marker, I copied the design of the face onto the frond. With a sharp knife, I carefully scrapped away the shellac and top layer of the frond to make the face. I super glued the bristles of a cheap black nylon brush for the beard and hair. Using super glue again, I coated the exposed areas I had scraped to protect it. A wooden loop was glued to the back. I had enough fronds to make several and sent one down to my nephew who is in Scouts.

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