Saturday, January 16, 2010


Mid Oct. 2009

Time to Carve: 3 hours
Metal work: .5 hours
Finishing: 2 hours

My is really into Archery and I wanted to make him a slide about this great hobby. I was also asked by our committee chair if I would consider making a slide for a prize at the Scout meeting. Knowing the Scout who was getting the award was also a fan of archery I decided to make three of these slides. I started out getting a couple of wooden "rounds" at Michaels (a chain art supply store). The arrows were make using some shish kabob skewers and a fine saw made by x-acto to cut the slots for the feathers. The arrow heads were made from brass (yeah I still had some) crazy glued to the skewer then cut to shape with a pair of scissors. The feathers were made from some scrap reflective material. The quill was make from leather scrap and the arrows in the quill have no arrow heads. Now the bow was a challenge! I started making the bow with pine but it was too soft and broke while I was making it. Next I tried poplar but it too proved to soft and broke while carving. I had a piece of maple around but I never had tried carving with it because I thought it would be too hard. Well I the maple turned the trick but I really needed to keep my knife sharp while carving the bow. The bow string was made from some waxed thread I had around the house. Both my son and the other scout really liked the slide.

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