Friday, January 22, 2010


Early to Mid Dec 2009

Time to carve: 5 hours
Finishing: 2.5

After a couple of easy slides I tackled this on and

boy was this a challenge. Now you would normally look at a project like this one and say 'that doesn't look that hard' well it is a lot more time consuming than it looks. This is made in pieces, and as such is made from pine and poplar, then glued together. I also added my own touch to this work on the wheels and in it's finish. As a child I often heard about the railroad that use to run near my parents house. To my surprise recently, I also learned another branch ran to Ogdensburgh, NY where I spent a couple of years with a former employer. It also ran yet another branch to Bellows Falls VT, which I have visited an office of my current employer many times. I seen HO railroad sets locally with this railroad featured. So naturally I decided to paint my locomotive like the trains of the Rutland Railroad

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