Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scout Sign

Late in August 2009
Time to Carve: 3 hours?
Finishing: 24 hours

My first slide carved out of pine and had fewer nicks than my fingers. It took one night in front of the TV to complete. I would give you the link but that link doesn't seem to work anymore. One thing I do remember the web page saying was to use your own hand as a model. I remember stressing about getting the creases in my hand and finger nails right in this project. (Getting the slide perfect is something I no longer worry these days.) When I had finished sanding and mounting the back, it was off to the basement to shellac the slide. Why shellac? Well, I have used it in the past for some of Scout Staves (walking sticks) and have always like the finish. Another reason is it dries quickly and get another coat on before I go to bed.

I wore this slide at my Scoutmaster training with an old neckerchief from Camp Rotary. Oddly enough the neckerchief got more attention than the slide.

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