Thursday, January 14, 2010

Old Zek

Early in Sept. 2009
Time to Carve: 3 hours?
Finishing: 24 hours

Basswood, basswood, basswood...Man do I love to work with this stuff. Old Zek presented me with one of my phobias when it comes to carving. I hate doing anything with a pattern using a face. I never get the features (nose, eyes, ears, and mouth) to my liking well at least, I thought, part of his face is covered with hair. This is called a chip carving since there is not much sanding done on this type of carving. The second big challenge was painting this work. I not use to the thoughts of painting wood but would rather see the beauty of the grain. On the other hand, I thought, the pattern calls for it to be painted so I settled for a "wash" which in this case turned out to be watered down craft paint. This gave the work a weathered look kind of like a slide based on Robinson Crusoe.

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