Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Late in August 2009
Carving Time: 5 hrs
Finishing Time: 2 hrs
It's 11:30 at night.

It is pouring outside.

I am dry inside my sleeping bag but I can't sleep. (Perhaps 8+ cups of coffee during the all day training might have just been a bit too much.)

I grab my headlamp, knife, a block of pine, the pattern, and chipped away. Three hours latter I am covered in wood shavings and finally tired enough to sleep. Brushing off as much as I could I fell into a deep sleep. Up the next day at 5 AM I got a good look at the body of the gun I carved that night. Not bad I thought and now I looked around the tent. It was like a wood chipper exploded in the tent. I got dressed grabbed the carving and some sandpaper then headed off to breakfast. It rained all day and right into the next night. So again I am carving, the hammer this time, trying to sleep. By the time the training is done, I am 80% done with this slide. Stopped by my local hardware store on the way home and picked up a sheet of brass to finish up the last parts of the slide. I stained the handle and painted the barrel black when I got home. The next day I assembled the parts, attached the back, and gave it a couple of coats of poly.

The night I wore this slide, my son was worried we would get pulled over by a police officer at gun point because it looked so real.

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