Monday, January 11, 2010

...Where do I start...How do I explain...What could possess me to take on this task...

Let me start from the beginning... In a murky pool of primordial sludge two tiny unicellular or single-celled organisms combined...

Uhhhh ... OK not that far back..

Over the summer of 2009, I was getting ready for some Scoutmaster training and knew I was going to have a bit of downtime at nights alone in my tent during this three day training. Out of the blue, I decided to do some carving and got down to looking for an idea. I found a website that gave me the idea for a Scout Sign neckerchief slide. Well with a week to go before the training I got down to trying to rough out this slide. Two days latter I had a finished slide all shellaced and ready to wear. But now I had nothing to do on that weekend again so out to that same website I went again and found 8 or so patterns for the original "Slide of the Month" by Wittlin Jim. I brought one design (the derringer), a piece of wood with me and my trusty x-acto knife along in my pack.

Well it rained all that next three days and carving passed the time while waiting for sleep to come. When I got home, all I had to do was add the brass parts and I had two great looking slides. So now I am hooked and I kept making slides after I got home. I not sure how many finished slides I have right now but I find myself wanting to keep following in the footsteps of Ben Hunt (better known here as Whittlin Jim) and see how many of the original patterns I can make.

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