Sunday, January 17, 2010

Block house

End Oct. 2009

Time to Carve: 1 hours
Gluing: 4 hours
Finishing: .5 hours

I liked making the block house because it was a change from what I have been doing so far. Behind the "logs" you see on the slide is a piece of pine that forms the base of the slide. Now normally I would have notched each log in a log cabin style but I wanted to stay true to the the original pattern. Strange as it seems there is a little bit more than 5 feet of 1/8 inch dowel in this slide. Each log was cut and glued in place beginning with the front of the block house then when the front was dry moving to the sides and roof. The windows were colored in with a ultra fine line black permanent marker. and the slide was finished off with poly.

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