Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ball in cage with Links

Mid Sept. 2009
Time to Carve: 6 hours?
Finishing: 48 hours
No Stitches

Ever do something you knew the second you did it you had made a mistake? Boy this came through loud and clear with this project. After a really rough day at work I began this project using a piece of pine. Well 1/2 way through it I broke the carving. Start again...had the same thing happen with basswood...well how about poplar? Poplar is a hardwood but is soft enough for a beginner like me to carve. I had never done any links before but had done a box and ball before. To make a long story short (too late I know), I finished the links and was making the last cut to free the ball when all of a sudden...the blade is in the tip of my index finger. All I could think about was "Man this is going to hurt!". Quick grabbed a paper towel, wrapped it around my finger, and made my way to the kitchen to get the first aid kit. I did not want to alert my family and worry them so I proceeded to get myself bandaged up. Throb, throb, throb went the finger all night long. (Damn I should have know better.) Early the next morning the pulsing feeling had stopped and I changed the dressing. For the next couple of nights I finished the carving with four fingers and one held out of the way. Finished with stain and poly. Wearing the slide got lots of good comments on this slide from my older scouts.

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